ORLANDO is a Ukrainian publishing house that introduces new names in contemporary Ukrainian literature. We collaborate with debutants, those referred to as "young writers," irrespective of their age, profession, gender, or work experience.
ORLANDO represents live literature. In our understanding, it's literature that values:
— the authenticity of the author's voice;
— diverse, vibrant, and unfiltered Ukrainian language;
— lived experiences that help transform the past into a resourceful future;
— the therapeutic effect of the text;
— a combination of depth and ease of storytelling.
Our books inspire personal growth, help readers meet with themselves, and strive to make them better individuals.


MissionTo develop and popularize contemporary Ukrainian literature in Ukraine and worldwide, discover new talents, support debutants, foster a community of strong, competitive, and successful Ukrainian writers, and contribute to the cultural development of Ukraine. Literature has the power to change the world; it provides us with the ability to communicate, understand, and empathize with each other. We aim to create books that will positively impact Ukrainian society, the world, and contribute to the expansion of Ukraine's literary canon.
GoalTo become a symbol of innovation, courage, and quality in Ukrainian publishing, introduce new Ukrainian voices to the literary world, and promote their growth and flourishing. ORLANDO creates a literary product that develops emotional intelligence, helps reflect on and comprehend the history of individual experiences and the history of the country as a whole, broadens perspectives, and enriches our country's cultural heritage.


Natalie Skorykova 

Natalie inspires, actualizes, and teaches people of various professions to write stories. She publishes books that evoke the strongest reactions from beta readers. Natalie proves that one isn't born a writer; one becomes a writer, and with desire and dreams, everything is possible.

The first certified teacher of Jack Grapes' Method Writing in Europe, founder of the NGO "New Ukrainian Voices," artistic editor, curator of literary and artistic projects, and founder of "ORLANDO."


Jack Grapes' Method Writing in Ukraine

«Jack Grapes' Method Writing is a powerful Californian program that, through step-by-step training and practical exercises, helps people of different professions and life experiences discover their own writing voice. This program has been taught in English-speaking countries for over 50 years, and its Ukrainian adaptation appeared in 2019.

All books by "ORLANDO" are the result of learning and working on the "Jack Grapes' Method Writing" course.

The course not only provides professional writing tools for beginners, recognized writers, and people from various professions but also functions as therapy. Therefore, since 2020, the program has been free for Ukrainian veterans and military personnel.

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